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Some thirty plus years ago, while the U.S. was caught in the morass of the Vietnam War, a few brave Americans spoke out loudly against it. Many of them were accused of being part of the counter-culture - you know - dope smoking hippie freaks. This characterization was used in part to legitimize a new War - the War On (Some) Drugs. Now, after all this time, a war still goes on, only its major battleground is in our own cities and homes, and its main target is marijuana. Our Government (state and national combined) spends in excess of $50,000,000,000 per year to arrest over 700,000 Americans each year. Most of these arrests are for simple possession of a drug which, in its over 3,000 year recorded history, has never had a documented fatal overdose. Compared with Viagra or aspirin, it is one of the safest medicines known to man. Yet, even when presented with the facts, our drug warriors go ballistic at the very thought that someone might suggest that marijuana be legalized for adult use. The War is a sham and failure - just ask any high school senior - but still they want to build more prisons and pass more laws against more otherwise law abiding Americans.


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